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Eagles over Falcons. Season Opener Review

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Taken from NBC Sports

The 2018 Season kicked off last night with the defending Super Bowl Champs hosting the Atlanta Falcons in a rematch of last years divisional round playoff game. With Carson Wentz still out, it was up to Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles to lead the Eagles to victory once again. There were many doubters of the Eagles offense coming into this game with ugly performances by the first team throughout the preseason. They weren't able to silence the doubters through the first half, only scoring 3 points. Going into the half the Falcons lead 6-3.

(At this point the Cris Collinsworth "Now here's a guy" counter was at 4 and the "RPO" counter was at 12.)

In the third quarter, the Eagles pulled out the Philly Special 2.0, or more specifically the play the Patriots unsuccessfully attempted in the Super Bowl last year, when a pass from Danny Amendola went just through the fingertips of Tom Brady. The Eagles went on to score with a 1 yard TD run by Jay Ajayi.

After 3, the Eagles lead 10-6. After trading interceptions, Tevin Coleman scored on a 9 yard TD, and the Falcons, after missing the PAT, lead 12-10. With less than 3 minutes remaining, Jay Ajayi scored for the second time with a 9 yard TD. After a completed 2 point conversion, the Eagles lead 18-12. With 2:19 left on the clock and after struggling all day, Matt Ryan had one drive to close out the game and defeat the reigning champs. The narrative of last year for the Falcons was that they could do all the work to get to the redzone, but when it came time to turn in their homework, they realized they left their folder at home (Translation: Falcons suck in the redzone).

First & Goal on the 10, 24 seconds left, Matt Ryan threw three straight incomplete passes, and then on his fourth incompletion was gifted an extra chance by a penalty on the Eagles.

One second. Five yards. One play. Ball caught, JULIO JONES. Out of bounds.

The Falcons narrative from last year didn't change in the season opener. And Nick Foles, despite totaling 4 fantasy points, was able to escape with the W.


EAGLES 18 (1-0)

FALCONS 12 (0-1)

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